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Cashflow Coaching is our program for one-on-one coaching for those of you that are looking for an intentional next step towards achieving your passive income goals. With one-on-one coaching, weekly accountability, a detailed passive income scorecard, and 24/7 access for strategy, questions, and anything you might need.

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Why p25kg
We started Passive 25K Group with a simple mission: to build wealth through passive income for ourselves and others. Finding financial freedom is rewarding, and we are here to help you start your passive income journey.
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Meet the People Behind P25KG

A picture of Kyle Reedstrom and Jory White, the pioneers behind Passive 25K Group.

Kyle Reedstrom & Jory White

Pioneering a way to help others achieve their financial dreams and goals, Kyle and Jory bring experience, passion, and vision to the table to help you achieve anything. They're set on equipping people with the knowledge and tools to help them begin their passive income journey and achieving financial freedom.

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