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Our brand

Mission & Vision

We're on a mission to build wealth through passive income for ourselves and others. With that, we set out to first achieve the goal of an extra $25,000 in passive income each year and then turn to $25,000 in passive income each month.

Our why

Passive Income, Active Lifestyle

We're big believers in putting your lifestyle over your work by building up passive income sources and finding financial freedom. Breaking through the barrier and tackling how one achieves that goal is at the core of P25KG and why we exist.

Our Process

Solving the Problem

Through courses, podcast, and video content, we aim to bring you content that will enrich your progression along your journey towards financial freedom and expand your tool belt, add onto your general knowledge about how to best acquire passive income through real estate, and make your money “work for you.” 

What we offer
Courses & Community

Learn from the Pros

We take what we know and break them down through various courses, with video lessons for each course and tools for you to download and use. We’ve bundled all of our course into one subscription, so once you’re in, you’re free to explore and learn to your hearts content. 

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Listen to the Experts

Check out The Passive 25K Podcast, a podcast built around the vision of creating passive income for ourselves and others. With new episodes every other week, you'll hear real people breaking passive income streams down to the basics, giving you the next steps to start your passive income journey.

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Your 1-on-1 Coaching Fix

We love seeing people start their passive income journey and reach their financial freedom goals. In addition to offering courses to learn from, we're here to coach you through building your passive income ecosystem and champion you for making the decision to invest in yourself.

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Our team

‍Kyle Reedstrom | CEO -Visionary


Kyle Reedstrom founded Passive 25K Group in 2020 with the vision to scale and grow his own real estate investing business. As things grew, the vision matured into a one-stop-shop for all things real estate investing with the goal to help our team and others achieve the lifestyle they desire through passive income wealth-creation.

Kyle currently resides in West Fargo, ND, where he and his family enjoy their home on four acres of land just west of town. When his wife, Hayleigh, daughter, Rosie, son, Wesley, and two golden retrievers, Piper and Gracie, are not enjoying the property, you can find them spending quality time at their family's lake home in South Dakota, skiing in the mountains of Montana, or enjoying the Arizona sunshine during the winter months. Outdoor activity, travel, hunting, and recreation have become apriority for Kyle and his family as they've chased the life they've always wanted to live. 

Jory White| COO - Integrator


Jory White was introduced to Kyle Reedstrom in 2020, where he played an early role as an Operations Assistant for Kyle's companies. With a superior talent for detail, productivity, and execution, it didn't take long for Jory's role to quickly expand into something more. Jory curated and implemented what is now known as the P25KG operating system, specifically designed to keep a consistent pulse on each business branch of the Passive 25K Group business tree. Jory is Kyle's go-to partner for strategic-planning and pursuing new businesses. Jory now functions as the P25KG Integrator and ensures every moving part of the business runs as effectively as possible.

Jory graduated with his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) before he began work with Passive 25K Group. He currently lives in West Fargo, North Dakota, and loves to stay active by working out, snowboarding, and going on walks. When he's not doing these things, you can find him in the home office learning new things by reading business/self-improvement books or doing research on various business topics. Jory has started his passive income journey through the vehicle of real estate, with a vision to build a life of financial independence and make decisions based on their goals and dreams.

Ready to start your passive income journey?
We know how daunting starting your passive income journey is. That's why we made Passive Income University, an online platform that provides useful lessons on how you can reach your goals and plot your path towards financial freedom, while stocking your toolbox full of helpful resources that will give you the boost you need to succeed.
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