The passive 25K Podcast with kyle reedstrom

A New, Bi-Weekly Podcast

Welcome to The Passive 25K Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things passive income! Join our host, Kyle Reedstrom, as he talks with experts in the field about different aspects of passive income and real estate investing, along with diving into new and exciting avenues for financial freedom. Our podcast is available on Apple Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you find your podcasts.

Podcast Episodes
Ep. 37 - How Investors Lower Taxes Using Real Estate w/ Devon Liljenquist
Ep. 36 - Killing Debt to Create More Cashflow w/ Matt Plumer
Ep. 35 - Freedom Through Your Online Business w/ Sophie Howard
Ep. 34 - Going From One Car to a Turo Fleet w/ Aubrey Janik
Ep. 33 - Cashflow Your First Vacation Rental w/ Spencer + Ashley
Ep. 32 - PI Investor's Guide to the Stock Market w/ Jason Brown
Ep. 31 - Creating Abundant Money Mentality w/ Matt Drinkhahn
Ep. 30 - Buying Your First Self-Storage Facility w/ Mike Wagner
Ep. 29 - Not If You'd Be A Millionaire, But When w/ Tony Bradshaw
Ep. 28 - The Airbnb Game is Changing w/ Jory White
Ep. 27 - Investing in Land vs. Homes w/ Brent Bowers
Ep. 26 - Should I Get My RE License for Investing w/ Mike Higgins
Ep. 25 - Launching Your First Franchise w/ Erik Van Horn
Ep. 24 - Increase Cashflow Thru Airbnb Arbitrage w/ Devyn Hoffman
Ep. 23 - Creating Your Franchise Income Stream w/ Kim Daly
Ep. 22 - Breaking Your 9 to 5 Job w/ Mike Gardon
Ep. 21 - Building a Niche Real Estate Fund w/ John Crowell
Ep. 20 - Invest to Live Your Perfect Lifestyle w/ Justin Donald
Ep. 19 - Rework Your Personal Cashflow w/ Howard Polansky
Ep. 18 - Crowdfund Your Next Rental Property w/ Levi Brackman
Ep. 17 - Investing in Mobile Home Parks w/ Dane Espegard
Ep. 16 - The Riches are in the Niches w/ Kasim Aslam
Ep. 15 - Making $1k/mo by Renting Out Your Vehicle w/ Robby T
Ep. 14 - $10K Cashflow from an RV w/ Zac Johnson
Ep. 13 - Entrepreneurship Thru Acquisition (ETA) w/ Steve Shaffer
Ep. 12 - Systemized Deal Flow for RE Investing w/ Luke Rotvold
Ep. 11 - Self-storage Facility Investing w/ Andrew Abernathey
Ep. 10 - Cash Now, Cash Flow, Cash Later w/ Gary Boomershine
Ep. 9 - Passive Income Franchise Secrets w/ Cooper Wahlo Jr
Ep. 8 - Wholesale Real Estate and BRRRR Method w/ David Dodge
Ep. 7 - Flipping a House Step by Step w/ Sarah Link
Ep. 6 - Flipping a House in Fargo, ND w/ Erik Hatch
Ep. 5 - Crack the Code of Short Term Rentals w/ Noah Ford-Dunker
Ep 4 - Cash for a 7-Plex with Creative Partners w/ Andrew Myers
Ep. 3 - Crypto as a Passive Income Stream w/ Nick Geraghty
Ep. 2 - Lease Option Real Estate Investing w/ David Johanson
Ep. 1 - How to do a House Hack w/ Gavin Doppler

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